Thursday, September 8, 2005

First Bible Club Lesson for Glasgow Bible Club

Who is God?

Who is God? (Listen for answers)

Is there one God or many gods? – There is only one God.

Does God have a body that you can see? – God is a Spirit, but God dwells in the body of Jesus. Jesus is God in a body.

God is one God in three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are all one God, but they are three persons. (Persons are not bodies, a person can still be a person with no body. The Holy Spirit does not have any body, but the Holy Spirit is God and He is a person in the Trinity.) God is called “The TRINITY” Trinity means three in one.

Do the persons in the trinity love one another? Yes, they do. They love each other very much. GOD is LOVE.

The three persons are one God (Not three GODS, ONE God in THREE persons!) Jesus said Jesus is God.

The first thing you must know about God is this:

God is your creator! God made the whole world and everything in it. He made the sun, moon and stars. He made the fruit trees and the flowers. He made the birds and the dogs and the cows. And God made people. That means God made you. God the Father made the universe through God the Son by God the Holy Spirit.

Colossians 1:16 is a verse about Jesus. It says: The world was made through Jesus. And everything was made for Jesus.

The trees were made for Jesus, the animals were made for Jesus. You were made for Jesus. But do you know what? You don’t live for Jesus. You were made for Jesus but you don’t love Jesus. And that is because we are sinful.

We are so sinful, we cannot even love and worship this wonderful God. God is so wonderful. He is three persons in one. He is love and He made this beautiful world. But we don’t love and worship him because we are sinners. Our sins separate us from this wonderful God.

Jesus, the Son of God came to this world in a body so that he could save us from our sins. He never sinned, because He is God. He died to take the punishment for our sins. If we trust in Him to save us from our sins and bring us to God, He will take away our sins and bring us to God.

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