Monday, August 14, 2006

A Poem about Perseverance

I am faint, I cannot hold Thee
The arm of flesh shall fail me
My heart is wooden, cold and dull
A hopeless voice says, "You shall fall"
Unto my weary soul.

Oh, powerless am I to hold
To that which is eternal
My feeble grasps cannot enfold
Those hopes of joy supernal
Thus faints my soul.

If my endurance rests on me,
O God! No hope have I,
But woefully to wane from Thee
Hollow sighing till I die -
Unless Thou holdst my soul.

My Lord! My God! Thou Sovereign One,
Help me see those mighty bands
That bind me to Thy righteous Son
Fastened by Thy mighty hands -
In this may rest my soul.

I have no power - Thou hast all
All my strivings turn to dust
And in my dust-bound self I'd fall
But thou hast promised and art just
By grace to hold my soul.

I rest in Thee. In Thee I trust
Predestined, Thou hast called me,
And in Christ Jesus made me just,
And thou shalt glorify me,
And never loose my soul.

These are the mighty iron bands,
All by sovereign grace bound fast.
These are the never-failing hands,
That uphold me to the last.
Believe Thy God, my soul.

- Alyssa Colby

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Oberon said...

......very nice poem......wonderful.