Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Pictures

Our older brother Jonathan is here for Christmas and our last weeks here, and even better he brought along his girlfriend Emily! We've enjoyed having them with us for our last Christmas in Guyana! They have helped to brighten the last days of packing and goodbyes. Yet with or without earthly loved ones, we have Emmanuel, God with us, whom we have celebrated. He is with us always. (I posted something about that on my blog Thoughts.)

Here are some pictures we took yesterday, after we got home from the traditional 6:00 am Christmas service!

It's so much fun to have Emily here - almost like having a sister!

Thanks be to God for his many gracious answers to prayer and all his mercies toward us!


Princess Jibi said...

your blog is very nice... i love the pictures, and the flowers on the side...

to be just 18 and doing so much, I really admire you for that.. Keep up the good work...Merry Christmas..

eleanor joyce said...

Hi Alyssa,
Interesting to hear that you are stateside now! Email me using the link on my blog. I'd love to know where in PA you are, and if you are ever in my neck of the woods it would be great to get together!
Eleanor Joyce

Rachel Marie said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!