Saturday, January 13, 2007

Farewell Guyana; hello Pennsylvania!

In the first week of January, we left Guyana where we'd ministered for two four-year terms and flew back to the United States. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some!

Everything had to go.

A few last tunes on the piano.
If the picture had sound, you'd hear Daddy and Mother's improvised "The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost" duet.

Goodbye Squirt!

A warm welcome to Pennsylvania. It's been surprisingly - providentially! - warm for January. Not a flake of snow! But it's still cold!

A man from our home church has kindly let us stay in his home until the missionary house is open. This is just one instance of God's faithful provision for us.

Mr. N-'s two German shorthairs,"Jo" and "Rose", waiting for crumbs. They are fun dogs, and having them around helps us not to miss as greatly the dogs we left behind.

Visiting the PA state Farm Show was an interesting experience - an annual tradition we hadn't observed for four years. :o)

Dairy cow competition - best of each breed.

Daddy (John), Christopher and Benjamin - JCB :o)

It's been wonderful to see and be with old friends.

A happy reunion with Katie - I hadn't seen her in four years, but I used to see her almost every day when both our families were in Guyana.


Though pictures are worth a thousand words, no words or pictures can describe the great faithfulness of our Lord who has led us safe thus far. But as all the details continued to come together and all the miles went by, I thought of these words:

" 'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far,
And Grace will lead me home."

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Rachel Marie said...

Great pics, again! Thanks for posting them! I'm glad you're all home safely!:-)