Friday, April 13, 2007

"Nothing is trivial for the Lord"
A preacher once found himself advertised to preach in an obscure village, the storm was terrible, and, therefore, though he kept his appointment, he found only one person present in the place of meeting. He preached a sermon to that one hearer with as much earnestness as if the church had been crowded. Years after he found churches all over the district, and he discovered that his audience of one had been converted on that day, and had become the evangelist of the whole region. Had he declined to preach to one, what blessings might have been withheld.
Brethren, never neglect the loosing of the shoe-latchet for Christ, since you do not know what may hang upon it...Never say within yourself, 'This is trivial' - nothing is trivial for the Lord.
- from C.H. Spurgeon's sermon, "Loosing the Shoe Latchet"

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