Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I like the picturesque progression of this poem by Charles Spurgeon

All my soul was dry and dead
Till I learned that Jesus bled -
Bled and suffered in my place,
Bearing sin in matchless grace.

Then a drop of heavenly love
Fell upon me from above,
And by secret mystic art
Reached the center of my heart.

Glad the story I recount,
How that drop became a fount,
Bubbling up a living well,
Made my heart begin to swell.

All within my soul was praise,
Praise increasing all my days;
Praise which could not silent be,
Floods were struggling to be free.

More and more the waters grew,
Open wide the floodgates flew,
Leaping forth in streams of song
Flowed my happy life along.

Lo, a river clear and sweet
Laved my glad, obedient feet!
Soon it rose up to my knees,
And I praised and prayed ith ease.

Now my soul in praises swims,
Bathes in songs and psalms and hymns;
Plunges down into the deeps,
All her powers in worship steeps.

Hallelujah! Oh my Lord,
Torrents from my heart are poured!
I am carried clean away,
Praising, praising all the day.

In an ocean of delight,
Praising God with all my might,
Self is drowned. So let it be
Only Christ remains to me."

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Ginger said...

Great post and wonderful pictures. I would love for you to stopped by my blog.