Friday, May 25, 2007

Reading "War of Words"

I'm currently reading the excellent book War of Words - Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles, by Paul David Tripp. I keep on being amazed at the things I'm learning about the words I say. Here are some excerpts that I wrote in my notebook.

"often our words reveal an attempt to control things for our own good. We are moved by a personal sense of what we want or what we think would be good, and so we speak in a way that guarantees we will get it. We defend, accuse, inflict guilt, manipulate, rationalize, argue, cajole, beg, plead, or threaten all for the purpose of controlling a person or situation. Sometimes we do this out of fear. It really does feel as if our lives are spinning out of control. It does seem as if the people around us are standing in the way of what is best. It seems right to take control. If we don't, then what will happen? But fear-driven talk forgets one of the post precious promises of the gospel: that Christ right now, at this moment, is ruling all things for our particular benefit as his children.
...our words often reveal that we are not so much trusting in the Lord as trying to be

"Our words are one of the ways we seek to gain, maintain and keep what is realliy important to us, what we really want and what we are living for."


"Only when I submit to the rule of God, who has a perfect plan and is in complete control, will I begin to live and speak as he has purposed."

I hope others find these things encouraging and inspiring. May the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be pleasing in God's sight.

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