Friday, February 22, 2008

John Newton....

"What a comfortable thought is this to be a believer, to know that amid all the various interfering designs of men, the Lord has one constant design, which he cannot, will not miss, namely, His own glory in the complete salvation of His people; and that He is wise and strong and faithful, to make even those things which seem contrary to this design, subservient to it." - John Newton

~ ~ ~

"He used to improve every occurence which he could, with propriety, bring into the pulpit. One night he found a notice put up at St. Mary Woolnoth's upon which he commented a great deal when he came to preach. The notice was to this effect: 'A young man, having come to the possession of a very considerable fortune, desires the prayers of the congregation, that he may be preserved from the snares to which it exposes him.'

'Now if the man,' said Newton, 'had lost a fortune, the world would not have wondered to have seen him put up a notice, but this man has been better taught.'"

~ ~ ~
After the death of his beloved wife:

"I saw what , indeed, I knew before, but never till then so strongly and clearly perceived that , as a sinner, I had no right, and as a believer, I could have no reason to complain."

- from John Newton-Out of the Depths - by Rev. R. Cecil

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