Thursday, March 13, 2008

Acrostic Hope

Again I look unto that Word
Beholding light in Your decrees
Comfort I find, for I have heard
Delightful promises like these:

Entrust your way unto the Lord
Fret nor fear, for He is good
Great things for those who trust His word
He does as mere men never could.

I have no helper, Lord, but You.
Joy lights my soul because You shall
Keep every promise. You are true -
Love those weak ones who trust You well.

My cup of hope does overflow
Not doubting once your promise dear
Oh, can I worry when I know
Pure grace for all my want is here.

Quiet my heart, O Mighty One
Rejoice my soul with mercy new
Sustain my hope when day is done -
That what I cannot, You can do.

Until I see full well that not
Vain, foolish were my hopes in you.
When all is past and tears forgot
Your promise will be proven true.

- Alyssa Colby 2008

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