Saturday, August 16, 2008

my friend Wei...

an interesting email I received from my Chinese friend who is trying to learn English. I thought it had a jumbled, poetic beauty

Learn Swimming
I heard the person say a word:
Speak mother tongue like nature of breathe, Speak English like labor-consuming of swimming."
I living a small town of P.A America. So I swimming in English of foreign language sea now. One year,I like floating and sinking in the sea. A float and a Sink.
I speak English with from different country and the American. I want to except tempo breathe out, I also want speak with the help of gestures.
I sometime like breast stroke, Sometime like butterfly stroke ect...
Do you say I like learn swimming?

Wei also taught me a Chinese phrase while we were working one day....

"gauw nnei yah!-hei-ii choh-gung yongk-yii"

We work together, it's easy! :-)

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