Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prayer II - All My Want

Grant, oh Thou my Lord

That when all my wants are supplied

And petitions answered

And desires fulfilled

That I may not cease to pray

Or neglect to seek Thy presence

Or lose care to draw near Thee

That I may not grow full and forget Thee

But continue to cry out to Thee

Not for temporal wants

Or earthly desires

Or anything outside Thyself that Thou wouldst give me

But for Thyself

That I may see and know more of Thee

That I may walk more closely with Thee

And be holy as Thou art holy.

What greater thing, my Lord, can Thy grace give me -

What fuller overflow of fullness canst Thou pour out

Upon my soul

Than Thy own fullness, sweetness, goodness

Might and mercy?

Oh pillar of cloud and flame that leads me day and night

Thou art the rock that goeth with me, quenching thirst

And manna, heaven-sent to feed my soul

Thy mighty, saving joy doth flow like milk and honey

Thy power doth conquer all my foes.

Oh Christ, who ever meets my need,

In every wilderness

And in green valleys,

When I am brought to feel no wants,

Grant me never to forget that Thou Thyself art all to me.

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