Saturday, July 25, 2009

On Not Being a Wasteful Servant

Today I was reflecting on my attitude in the workplace. Since I am aware that I am being paid to do the work that is assigned to me, I am diligent to be busy and not be guilty of wasting or stealing the salary which I am being paid to do that work. Knowing what is expected of me, my attitude toward my supervisor is: "I am here to work. What would you have me do?"

But I realized that this sense of purpose and stewardship should not be left in the workplace. For my Creator gives me all that I have for the purpose of my serving Him with gladness, obeying His commands and magnifying His Name on the earth. If I should take the life, breath, strength, health, possessions and knowledge that He has given me, and should use them for my own selfish ends, I am guilty of being a wasteful, pilfering servant!

In reflecting on this, I am brought to see how I sin every day in not giving my Master his rightful due. Thus I am brought to see my need of Christ, the One and Only Faithful Servant who has perfectly fulfilled the obligations of man to God, and not only for Himself, but for me, paid the enormous debt I owe to God for my wasteful stewardship. And now this Faithful Servant walks beside me, to help me to be a faithful servant like Him. Oh the gospel is good for everything! Let me now, knowing that my debts were paid so dearly, be altogether unwilling to waste a minute of the life God has given and restored to me. It is foolish and evil use what is God's for myself. He is such a kind and gracious Master, and deserves more than all I could devote to Him.

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