Monday, September 14, 2009

In humble vale...

In humble vale, ‘tween mountains high

I saw a shepherd passing by

A flock of sheep behind him went

With steady feet and still intent

I saw one lamb who came away

From them and to the shepherd say

“My Shepherd it is pleasant here

But shall we always linger here?

I see above us mountains high

And wild and green…sometimes I sigh

To go up to the dazzling heights

Which beckon me with new delights.

The Shepherd looked with mercy sweet

Upon His eager little sheep

And answering with tender voice

Told it to wait upon His choice:

“Be content my sheep to go

Where the quiet waters flow

Through the flat and grassy plain

Fed by common sun and rain.

Every place where you are led

I will see that you are fed.

Is it not enough for you,

That I choose what’s best for you?

Someday to those mountains steep

I will lead you, little sheep

And the grassy plains behind

May come fondly to your mind

While above the dazzling heights

Beckon you with new delights

You will find a humbled will

Taught to trust me and be still

Will sustain you on the steep

And rugged pathways, little sheep.

Wait on me, your Shepherd true

I promise to do good to you.”

This eager little lamb is me

This wise and patient Shepherd He

Who once did give Himself to save

Me, wandr’ing toward a rocky grave

He has become my faithful Guide

Who calls me to walk by His side.

And I will follow patiently,

For He will do what’s best for me.

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