Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Dear Old Hymn

"I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." - Philippians 4:11, ESV

Looking through an oldMoravian hymnal awhile ago, I found this 
lovely 'spiritual song', which encourages the believer to look from
the world to Christ. Later, I composed a tune to it (which
I am not
technologically proficient enough to post) but the words

are the most precious part.

"Look Up My Soul To Christ"
Look up, my soul, to Christ thy joy,
With a believing mind ;
With all the ills which thee annoy,
The way to Jesus find :
Here in this world thou hast no home,
Nor lasting joy; to Jesus come,
He is the pearl of greatest price,
Who all thy wants supplies.

Steadfast in faith to Jesus cleave,
His faithfulness review,
And every burden with him leave,
Whose love is daily new :
His ways with thee are just and right,
He puts thy enemies to flight:
However threatening they appear,
Take courage, he is near.

Lift up thy heart to him on high,
And leave this sordid earth;
Behold, with a believing eye,
God's excellence and worth :
Devote thy life, thy all, to him,
Who did thy soul from death redeem,
In love to thee the cross endured,
And life for thee procured.

Arise, and seek the things above;
Let heaven be all thy aim,
Where Jesus dwells in bliss and love,
And earth, and sin, disclaim:
The world, and all its empty joy,
His potent breath will once destroy;
Abiding rest, and peace of mind,

In Christ alone we find.

Y. C. Schade, 1666-98,

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Hannah Mendenhall said...

I would love to hear this. I'm imagining an upbeat joyful melody...?