Saturday, January 15, 2011

"...looking up for glory, my fear all fly away."

A poem written about two years ago, which I rediscovered this evening and found most timely! Dark winters never cease to come, and we still have no other hope but Christ.

In bleak and chilling winter
When earth’s frail comforts fly
Where can I hide but in your side,
Whose life keeps mine on high?

Health proves a reed to lean on.
Stark illness stalks the best.
What can I do, but cling to You,
Whose love is my sweet rest?

I feel the pangs of sin’s blight
As every earthling should
What can I do but trust in You
Who works all for my good?

Earth’s days fly fast to evening
And cold black nights descend
What can I do but hope in you?
For you will come again!

A day will come as flooding
Of summer’s seaside wave
A day will come as rising
Of sun that dawns to save

Our King will leap the bound’ry
Of earth’s cold, cloud-grayed sky,
With potent regal glory,
To bring salvation nigh

And judgment to the evil
That scorns His precious grace,
Reversal of the evil
That plagues his chosen race.

His piercing eyes of judgment
Bring terror realized
To sinners bound for torment
From Him they long despised.

But, oh His face’s shining
Will be the sweetest sight
To those whose hearts were yearning
For Him through earth’s long night.

This star of hope shines for me
Though dark my present day
And looking up for glory
My fears all fly away.

- AFC, 2009

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