Thursday, August 4, 2011

"And shall be theirs"

I cut this poem out of a church bulletin and have had it taped on my wall for years. The paper is now old and curling, but the words are now in my memory. After taking down at last the well-loved little paper from my wall, I think the poem deserves a fresh imprinting here.

"Wouldst thou have that good, that blessed mind,
That is so much to heavenly things inclin'd

That it aloft will soar, and always be
Contemplating on blest eternity?

That blessed mind that counts itself then free
When it can at the throne of Jesus be.

There to behold the mansions he prepares
For such as be with him and his co-heirs.

This mind is in the covenant of grace,
And shall be theirs that truly seek his face."

- John Bunyan

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Savories of Life said...

This made me think of
Once again I urge you not to fall into temptation just as Eve did in the garden in
Geneses 3:6When the women saw the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye and also desirable of getting wisdom she took some and ate it…
Another way we can interpret this verse is like this ‘the young girl saw that the world looked good and pleasing to the eye and desirable of getting wisdom she went into it and poisoned her life.” We are too young to leave those over us for we have yet so much to learn and God says in his word “ the righteous will inherit his land and he will keep peace if we trust him”. If we do not follow God and fall away by being drawn into the world God will cut off our future generations and what shall we be able to say to our saver and lord? Will it be “ I have lived every day with out exemption for you” or, “I have given you my adulthood” or “my old age?” Don’t let your self lose the focus exclaiming it is litless and dull in my small corner and I cannot wait to leave this earth so that I will not have to fix my problems.

do come over!