Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Going To Write a Book

I think if I tell myself the above often enough, I will believe it. Books are not just things that other people write. I may write one if I please. But a sequel to the well-known classic, Stuart Little? As a first book? Isn't that a little ambitious? I am going to try. A boy's question (thanks to his mother, Bekah, for posting it on Facebook when I was on to read it) - "What happened to Margalo?" is ringing in my ears, and the story that never yet happened begs to be written.

I knew I should write, but not where to start. Here is a place to start: "What Happened to Margalo?" 

Will anyone publish it if I write it? I don't know. But I know someone who will read it. It had better be good.  Here goes!

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A Quiet Life said...

Jack (6) has been listening to Stuart Little during his afternoon roomtime. He barged out of his room yesterday and said, "There is something wrong with the person reading that book. She left out BIG parts!" When questioned further he added, "That person didn't tell me a thing about what happens to Mark-elo [his rendering] the bird." Whereupon, I remembered that Alyssa had set about to answer that very question. Now we'll read your sequel!